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It's Been a While, eh?   
07:03pm 23/02/2009
mood: content
- So we have been living in our apartment for 7 months now... and we are all pretty sure that it needs to be condemned. Sadly that's not a joke. We have a Johnson slumlord and everyone (in and out of town) knows of him and how much he sucks.

-After 6 months of living here, I was finally able to get a kitten and i love her to pieces. It took a long time to convince Shane but he finally gave in. Her name is Mali and she is almost 3 months old now! Miss Mali will be taking her first trip to Rutland tomorrow.

-Even though this apartment sucks, it is still up in the air if we are going to move when our lease runs out in August. We obtained a lot of 'stuff' through out the time we have lived here already and it would be quite the hassle to move again. But who knows how long we can actually put up with this place now that our building manager moved. (yeah, he was sick of brad's shit too)

-I have made the Deans List two semesters in a row and I am not so sure how I am going to at the end of this one. That damn peace and war class that DON'T care about may hold me back. It's pointless. grrr.

-I am getting sick of big lots (that's where Shane and I work). I want to do something with kids. I wanted to be the assistant teacher at the pre school but that job was unfortunetly given to someone else :( Now I am just thinking about working at any one. It would be better than moville, Although it is cool that Shane and I work together.

Okay I am done rambling.
2 weeks   
01:30am 17/07/2008
mood: frustrated
I move into my apartment in just 2 weeks! 15 actual days. oh. my. god. so besides the fact that i am moving into my first apartment... but it looks like i am unfortunelty doing it alone. Marcy cant come until the end of august because her camp isnt over and shane isnt allowed to come until he has a job. go figure he's been procrastinating all summer and now "we" move soon and he doesnt have anything together. fuck. I dont want to live there alone. I dont. If i wanted to live by myself, i wouldnt have signed a lease for a three bedroom apartment. And it isnt like i can just stay here until he can go up because i signed a contract with the daycare.. i move up on the second and start as soon as the fourth. Im trying to be excited. Im sure the time alone will even go by fast because of work and unpacking and looking for a full time job. but i dont wanna sleep there alone, i dont want to wake up alone. i dont want to do everything alone for a month. grrrr.
11:55pm 28/05/2008
mood: tired
I dont even know where to begin. I am home for the summer and have gotten myself a full time nannying job for a three year old in Fair Haven while I am here. Bonnaroo is in only 13 days!! CRAZY! There are 5 of us going and we are taking Ronnies car down, the ones in the back will be very squished. No doubt about that... In almost exactly 2 months we all move into our apartment! I am soooo very excited for that! oh my gooodness.

tonight was a good night.. dinner mall movies fun. enough said :)
Goooooood News   
11:52pm 16/05/2008
mood: thankful
So I got the Nannying job that I wanted for the summer. The mother seems really laid back and easy going, so I am not too worried. I start Monday the 25th and work till august 1st. Hopefully it will a great summer followed by an even greater semester!
02:09pm 28/04/2008
mood: ecstatic
This morning at 10:00am we had a meeting with our landlord to sign the lease and hand over our $250.00 deposit. WE HAVE AN APARTMENT!
A bit of venting?   
12:04pm 23/04/2008
mood: gloomy
So I thought that I would be a lot more excited after we got the lease written out than I am now. I feel sooo stressed out. All i can think about is money and how I dont have any. and then how much I am going to need and i dont have a lot of time to get it. I need a job when i get home... immediatley. Ive pretty much got 12 days to get $400. Yupp. Sounds impossible to me.

And then i was worried about when i come back and having to find a job in this small town. But that kind of got cleared up today with my boss from the daycare. She said i might be able to work for the month of August 25 hours a week. That would awesome and then while i have that job under my belt i could be searching for a full time job during the semester. I think i am leaning toward hoagies since it seems like that would be my bet. But i also want to find out where one of my students' little brother goes to daycare because if it is close by then i could apply there as well.

I am really excited to get off campus, i hate being in my room. I've been cooped up in this damn room for two years and i cant really take it anymore. I want to be able to go into more htan one room at a time. I want to be able to sit down on a couch to watch tv. I WANT A LIVING ROOM.

I am really stressed out but I know that in the end it has to work out. I work so hard that i need this to go right. I need to be with shane we deserve it after these 4 months of being apart. I think after i have my last months rent in on June 1st i will feel a lot better about everything. I just wanna go home and work and save money and then come back and live in MY apartment.........
OoOoOoOoh My Goooooodness!   
11:08pm 20/04/2008
mood: ecstatic
I never thought in a million years that the event that took place this weekend would ever happen so successfully. never. And I am sooo excited that everything worked out. Im so happy.

So. This is what is going down. August 1st Shane, Marcy and I will all move into our first apartment together! I can hardly believe because it doesnt seem like its actually happening! We will be living in a duplex right across from McClelland, the building that all my classes will be held and were I work at the daycare. Amazing. Best location everrrr. Next year is going to rock and I cant wait for it to start!
Oh Wow.   
11:38am 05/04/2008
mood: giddy
Today is good. This week is going to be good. I am pretty damn happy with life right now. Sophomore year is almost over, I have just about a month left and then it will be summer. That means 3 months of Shane. Yay! And *cross my fingers* we will be both be back at Johnson in the fall and Marcy and I will have our own apartment which Shane will also be living at.

Tomorrow morning Shane’s family leaves for Florida, leaving the two of us (and Ed) here all week to completely enjoy ourselves and do WHATEVER we want. I am so excited. We have actually been waiting for this since January. I remember talking about it the night I left for school and now it is finally here. These 3 months went by faster than I ever thought was possible. We have almost the week planned out already:
Sunday: Morning- I go over to Shane’s and we sleeeeep Night- Grams House for the day
Monday: Dinner in Hubbarton with Pat
Tuesday: Possibly the PARTY
Wednesday: Morning- SLEEP IN TOGETHER, Day: Burlington (Taco Bell!)
Thursday: Possibly the PARTY
Friday: Sleep in, Dinner and a Movie (Double Dragon!)
Saturday: whatever floats our boat J

It’s going to be a GREAT week. Very little could mess it up, but we don’t talk about that.
an amazing week....   
02:09pm 09/03/2007
mood: content
So shane has been home for almost a week, It's deffinetly been an amazing week too. Somethings/Some eople had annoyed me a tad... But screw them. I am so sick of worrying and having them be able to stress me out. Its stuuuppid and so are they! haha so im not gunna deal with that shit anymore, i dont neeeeeeeeeed to be. yeah, you suck anyways.
break is over!! :)   
03:20pm 04/03/2007
mood: giddy
Its finally monday! Im so excited!!!
10:37am 19/02/2007
mood: calm
So break starts technically on thursday but shane and i are leaving tomorrow. We got a hotel for the night and i shall bring him to the airport on thursday morning so he can go to Aspen for 12 whole days. YIKES. He's obviously going to have loads of fun... and im .... yeah i dont know about the work situation because ban and jerrys sucks ass now. Im going to NYC for a day and a night and im not sure if we are going to visit bre... hmm yeah my break is all up in the air.
A pretty amazing day   
08:53pm 13/02/2007
mood: amused
So not only is Valentine's Day, ( which i kind of love now :) but also its been snowing none stop, since 2 oclock lastnight and all JSC classes were cancelled today. Amazzing. A snow day in college! Who would of thought? It's actually being considered a blizzard.... wooot
05:38pm 27/01/2007
mood: content
It's crazy this week i have actually felt like a real college student... hah amazing!
the real college life...   
10:24am 24/01/2007
mood: rejuvenated
So, 3 nights in a row i felt like a 'true' college student. And it is tons of fun. :)!!! Tonight is thirsty thursday, lets seee what happens.
12:35pm 12/12/2006
mood: pissed off
Fuck Biology... i study! thats not fair! there is no way i should have gotten a 60 on this quiz!!!!!!!!! I STUDIED! And i did the presentation i put work into it! I did!! A 65 is not appropriate! Fuck that.
Home Soon?   
06:36pm 11/12/2006
mood: blah
So Christmas Break starts in 10 days. Home for a month... a whole month. Oh boy. I hope i can handle that... home probably a piece of cake... less amounts of shane, that might be a different story. But we shall see. It's different there because i can stay with him till a certain time and then i have to go home and stays at home.. here if it gets to late, i just stay and sleep with him. I like that. Alot. But we shall see i guess...
Everything is okay...   
12:38pm 07/12/2006
mood: optimistic
We had a serious important talk lastnight. It was needed. There are some things that i feel i just need to know. And the talk helped me to understand why he does some of the things he does. (if that makes sense) It was nice. The topic of the conversation was kind of odd... but it put me at more at ease with 'a certain someone'. He was sincere and honest... I think that made all the difference, instead of just shutting down my feelings like he sometimes does, he listened to what i thought and had to say and opened up about the issue.

I think our relationship is changing, and deffinetly for the better. I love being here at school with him, i remember when i was afraid of coming to school because i knew everything would be different. And of course it is... but different isnt always bad... I needed to learn that. But now im afriad to go home for a month. Moods are different there. It wierd thinking that a month at home could change what is happening now. I hate rules and there are rules in rutland... bleh. Optimism is the best, im going to shoot for that!
03:15pm 03/12/2006
mood: chipper
I think i have been in burlington 4 times this week. Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Saturday. OH wow. I think the drive seems like nothing now. Pretty sweet. My mom stayed the night there lastnight, so shane and I went up after he got out of work and stayed the night at The Hampton Inn.. hot tub,pool, and beer and a BIG BED!! It was niiice. We got freee chinese food for dinner. It was a good time. :) Now i have an essay to write today and hanging with my boooooo ... after he gets his entire anthro project done anyways. luv ya!
11:29pm 30/11/2006
mood: cheerful
Shane is staying in schooooooooooool! Seriously no one knows how scared i was. I didnt tell anyone, at all. I didnt want too, i didnt even want to talk about it with him. I wouldnt. But all fretting and wishing :) has paid off and he is staying. We registered him today and everything. Oh man, soo much just got lifted off of my chest, you dont even know. I was soo happy when i found out. He had called me when i was in class and left a message but i didnt listen to it and just went to his room. He made me listen to it, and i started yelling :)and jumped on him and then he just hugged me. It was nice. *sighs*

We also went to Burlington tonight. We went to the olive garden for my birthday. It was soo yummmmy! seriously heaven. yay.
02:33am 29/11/2006
mood: tired
seriously you suck..... oh yeah! and its my birthday!!!